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Flexera required designs for integrating Microsoft, Salesforce, and ServiceNow licenses into their IT Asset Management Solutions. As the UX designer, I was responsible for comprehending the different license types for these companies and analyzing how to structure the data for the information architecture of the Flexera software, while also incorporating their existing design system into the new features.

This approach ensured a seamless integration and a user-friendly representation of data, empowering users to proactively manage their licenses and reduce unnecessary usage and waste.

In addition to the IT Asset Management work, I also contributed to the In-App Support and Breadcrumb feature. For In-App Support, my task involved enhancing the UX flow to reduce customer support calls. As for the Breadcrumbs feature, it presented a challenge due to the established software's information architecture. Nevertheless, I thoughtfully designed the Breadcrumbs feature to serve as a blend of the user's browsing history and the current page they are on, delivering an intuitive user experience.

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© 2023 Jill Danielle Liao

© 2023 Jill Danielle Liao

© 2023 Jill Danielle Liao