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As the Project Lead for our client, Pronto AI, my main responsibility is to provide art direction for the design options created by our team. This ensures that the Pronto team can confidently choose the best option that aligns with their vision for the mobile app we are working on together.

Additionally, I am in charge of aligning the project sprints carefully, ensuring clear communication and shared expectations between our team and the Pronto team.

To ensure the Pronto team's satisfaction with our designs, we present them with hi-fi designs for feedback. Their input and approval guide our next steps in the design process. Once approved, we proceed to create a solid information architecture for the mobile app, providing a strong foundation for the development phase.

After completing the mobile app design, we seamlessly transition into designing tablet screens for Pronto, maintaining a consistent user experience across different devices. Our team's efficiency allows us to deliver projects on time, enabling the development team to start their work on the mobile app while we continue working on the tablet screens.

Through effective art direction, clear coordination, and a collaborative approach, we ensure that the Pronto team receives high-quality designs that meet their expectations and contribute to the project's overall success.

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© 2023 Jill Danielle Liao

© 2023 Jill Danielle Liao

© 2023 Jill Danielle Liao